We are fortunate to share synergies with our partners.

Mediawen high-capacity workflow management platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI) makes it possible to create automatic transcriptions from video files. Any machine translation (MT) tool can be integrated into the platform to provide the translated subtitles, with manual translation too being an option.

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Brahmaam-Prudle provides a varied range of internationalization services to ensure that global product is simultaneously shipped (English and localized languages) to the market in time – with high quality and conforming to budget constraints.

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Smartcat is a translation platform that makes collaboration between companies and translators simple. On top of providing a free online CAT environment, it provides a complete ecosystem that makes working on translation projects easier and improves the productivity and quality of your work.

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Join hands with Braahmam & reap benefits of our Partner Program.We delight OUR customers through awesome content, interactivity, visual design, usability, scalable and integrated technology.

Are You

  • Providing E-learning Solutions?
  • Looking to offer multilingual E-learning?
  • Creating Content for customers?
  • Providing designing for Portal and Web?
  • Developing Business Applications?
  • Providing off-the-shelf software applications?
  • Offering MARCOM and Media services?


Join hands with Braahmam & reap benefits of our Partner Program.

Braahmam’s Value

  • Enhances your portfolio
  • Increases your stickiness with customers
  • Adds value to your customer
  • Increases your potential for earning

Partner Benefits include

  • Market Intelligence/ Database
  • Lead Generation
  • Co-Marketing & Enablement
  • Pre-Sales/ Demos/ POC/ Pilot
  • Commission/ Bonus/ Target Incentives
  • Resource Cost Sharing

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Our Offerings include

  • Digital Learning & Multimedia
  • Translation Services – Translation, Trans-creation, MT Post Editing
  • Media Services – Multilingual Voice-Over, Audio Post Production, Video
  • Dubbing & Subtitling

Why Partner with Braahmam

  • Over 15 years of expertise
  • Process Oriented Company
  • Great Global references
  • Strong Quality Control

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