Reach a Global Audience with Your Personalized and Compelling Videos Translated into 100+ Languages.

We don’t just translate; we capture and convey the real feel of your content in any language.


We understand the importance of creatively conveying the jokes and phrases used in your movies and video content. We know how dubbing with perfect syncing in the correct tone is vital to engaging with the right audience. We are aware of how consistent messaging across languages contributes to your video marketing efforts.

Braahmam’s integrated team of native transcreators, translators, transcribers, subtitlers, and voice-over and dubbing artists ensure:

  • creatively and accurately well-adapted subtitles and voice-over content in the required languages(s);
  • perfectly synced dubbings by the same artist(s) for character-specific recording requirements;
  • suitably tailored voice-over solutions to match the tone of your videos and movies;
  • better comprehension, engagement, and SEO rankings with accurate transcriptions; and
  • consistent, global branding and successful alignment with the overall video marketing strategy.

Let Braahmam’s team of experts accelerate your video content consumption globally with native language translations, voice-overs, and culturally appropriate content for each target demographic.

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