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Memorable Learning experiences ensure enhanced Knowledge Retention! We exactly know the formula of infusing retention and effectiveness in our learning solutions. When we talk of learning and training these days, we talk about learning that is interactive, practical, flexible, personal, engaging and motivating. But, where do all these take us to? Retention, right! In our learning solutions we add the magic of interactivity, assessments, role-plays simulations and interactive videos for easy knowledge absorption

What is this service exactly?

M- Learning Apps

M- Learning Apps

Interactive Digital Publishing

Interactive Digital Publishing

Interactive Videos

Interactive Videos

Everything is going mobile these days! Leading ecommerce companies are slowly shutting down their websites and moving to mobile Apps completely. Workforce is going mobile, employees are preferring to work from anywhere at anytime.

When everything is shifting to mobile, why should you stay behind in this global phenomenon. Just tell Braahmam what you need and leave the rest on us.

Braahmam does end to end development of Apps irrespective of the platform; So don’t stay behind, let us make you just a “fingertip away” from your customers!

  • Braahmam does end-to-end development of Apps irrespective of the platform(iOs or Android).
  • Be it learning Appsor Apps to perform reporting and analytics we develop all for you.
  • Our SMEs conceptualizeand validate the content of learning Apps.
  • We develop native, Web, and hybrid Apps,while ensuring high-levels of security.
  • You need not worry about launching and monetizingyour Apps.

Interactive books engage readers, increase retention and enhance learning.

We enrich the reading experience with a perfect blend of interactivity .

We offer interactive, digital publishing solutions with a wide range of multi – channel outputs.

Books are interesting to read, audiobooks are fun to listen to, but books really come to life when they become interactive. How about a learner reading a book on photosynthesis and then reinforcing the learning by watching a video on photosynthesis process? Or a learner bolstering the learning by attempting a variety of assessments? Sounds really amazing, isn’t it?

There are umpteen possibilities of bringing interactivity to electronic books, manuals, journals and any digital content. We know them all.

  • Braahmam enriches content with interactive images, hotspots, links, slideshows, audio and video.
  • We enable your audience to access your social media pagesright from the ebook or ejournal.
  • We have experience of designing and integrating several forms of assessments and guided tours.
  • We make your ebooks accessible on any device and in any language.

Do you know one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words?

We make videos more engaging and fun by adding the magic of interactivity!

We conceptualize and develop interactive videos for you.

According to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research this is the value of one minute of video, about 3600 pages of text! Sounds astonishing, right? This is the impact of using quality videos.

Videos keep the learner engagement quotient high and have a high recall and retention factor. When you add interactivity to them they become even more engaging and fun. Videos are not just meant for learning purposes. You can use interactive videos for your marketing campaigns and company intros as well.

Videos are doing wonders everywhere. Do you want to embrace their magic? Let us know.

  • Depending on your requirement, we can conceptualize and develop interactive videosfor you.
  • If you would like to add interactivity to your existing videos,our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) can assess and suggest the best way possible.
  • If you do not want to add interactivity and just want videos to be developed,we have the expertise.

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